Intelligent Threat Awareness


Defentect develops and delivers software solutions to facilitate the response to the detection of a threat. We improve customers' safety, security and continuity by facilitating an appropriate, informed and timely response.

Defentect's flagship product is the DM3 software platform (Defentect Management, Monitoring and Messaging). DM3 enables the integration of multiple sensors to coordinate security systems through a simple Graphical User Interface and initiates communication and data-driven messaging between systems and to emergency personnel.

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Our recent smartphone initiative has yielded DefenCall, an iPhone application which links to DM3 and creates a mobile personal safety device and service. You can now protect yourself and those you love by carrying the DefenCall app on your iPhone and pressing its panic button to let family, friends, and caregivers know where you are and that you are in distress.

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Call us today to see how our technology can improve your security procedures and to learn more about our SmartPhone initiative.

We are also in an active search for comparable companies in compatible markets upon which to build a growing set of security and communications products for the post-pandemic world.

Defentect’s securities are traded on the OTCBB under the symbol DFTC