Intelligent Threat Awareness


Defentect DM3TM Threat Detection Network

Defentect DM3TM Integrated Radiation Detection Architecture and Alert System

Defentect's threat awareness solutions provide broadly deployed radiation sensors and flexible messaging to inform first responders, protect facilities and safeguard infrastructure from dangerous radiological exposure. Defentect's DM3TM is the management, monitoring and messaging software central to Defentect's solutions.

IP-based DM3TM enables customers to add radiation detection and other threat-event sensors to their existing security systems, controlling video surveillance cameras to document the location and nature of a threat. DM3TM contains a messaging module that sends customized alerts to cell phones, pagers, PDAs or other devices through text messages, calls or e-mails. Managed over the Web, DM3TM provides administrative and configuration services for threat detection sensors, including chemical, biological, nuclear, explosives and other threat events. When high-energy gamma rays from dirty bomb components interact with Defentect's GammatectTM family of sensors, DM3'sTM proprietary algorithms analyze the data and alert authorities to events that may pose a security threat. Communication features of DM3TM provide the ability to receive and process data over a network from the radiation sensor to an incident command center as well as multiple mobile devices. The addition of strategically placed Gammatect PlusTM sensors enables DM3TM to identify the isotope causing the radiation, providing control over false positive alarms.

DM3TM software is the management and messaging component that provides control and regulatory services for the detection system. Devices can be configured, status can be monitored, alert messages can be sent to a variety of systems, system reports can be generated and multiple user accounts can be set with various privileges. The Defentect DM3TM intelligent threat awareness network can offer unmanned detection, alerts and messaging for a variety of threat-event detection demands including CBRNE.

Adding Radiation Detection to Existing Security Systems The integrated Defentect DM3TM solution enables customers with IP networks to augment existing surveillance systems with the added defense of radiation detection. Used in conjunction with video surveillance and other security systems, DM3TM ensures that radioactive material is neither entering nor leaving a designated area. The increased protection provided by DM3TM in a networked solution managed via local LAN or the Web offers clients multiple safeguards against risk.

Defentect's DM3TM integrates with existing surveillance and security systems, creating a defensive shield of radiation detection at a lower cost of deployment. DM3TM can be deployed in locations that store radiological materials such as hospitals; at transit centers like seaports, airports or subways; and dirty bomb targets including landmark buildings, stadiums, casinos, federal buildings, power plants, military facilities, etc.