Intelligent Threat Awareness


Gammatect PlusTM System Specifications

Gammatect PlusTM sensors, integrated with Defentect architecture and connected to a server, create a ubiquitous grid of threat-level radiation protection. Gammatect PlusTM, networked to Defentect software, triggers alerts to incident command centers or mobile clients. Gammatect PlusTM is designed to avoid innocent positives caused by low level radiation from medical treatments or naturally occurring radiation.
Operating Indicated Use Gamma Detection:
Isotope Energy Library Onboard MCA for energy
identification 99 isotopes
can be defined
Sensitivity Typical 15 cps/µR/hr for Cs-137
Operating System Windows XP
Sampling Rate 1 Millisecond
(Up to eight external)
2 Inch Diameter x 2 Inch Thick
NaI (TI) Crystal
System Chassis NEMA III rated
security enclosure
Power Requirements 110 VAC / 500 Watts
(220 VAC / 250 Watts)
Dimensions 16" H x 11" W x 8" D / 14 Lbs
Energy Response Energy Dependent
Source Activity Ranges for Gammatect PlusTM
Defentect has tested Gammatect PlusTM to determine effective ranges for radiological source detection. Tests are performed using Cesium-137 (137Cs) and extrapolations are made using the RAD PRO CALCULATOR program. Testing for alarm and isotope identification is based on a radiation dose rate field of 50 uR/hr* and above. Detection alone occurred below 50 uR/hr*.

0.10 Ci 100 FT 30.85 µR/hr
  80 FT 49.3 µR/hr

0.50 Ci 50 FT 654.5 µR/hr
  100 FT 154.2 µR/hr
  168 FT 50.0 µR/hr
200 FT 34.3 µR/hr

1.0 Ci 500 FT 7.7 µR/hr
  230 FT 50.0 µR/hr
  100 FT 308.5 µR/hr
  50 FT 1,309 µR/hr

5.0 Ci 500 FT 38.7 µR/hr
  450 FT 50.6 µR/hr
  100 FT 1,542 µR/hr

10.0 Ci 700 FT 31.3 µR/hr
  590 FT 50.1 µR/hr

374.8 Ci 1800 FT 50 µR/hr

721.0 Ci 2100 FT 50 µR/hr

System tested with 0.070 Ci (70 mCi) 137-Cs at 100 ft w/o shielding. Estimated dose rate approx. 21 µR/hr consistently triggered alarm at 100% each time source was opened and aimed at GTP system.

*50 µR/hr = (0.050 mRem/hr) is used to verify 100% isotope identification of unknown sources.